About us

I intended this to be an irreverent take on the nitpicking, kiasu-kiasi-kaopeh nature of Singaporeans and to (double) confirm that  complaining is our favourite pasttime (other than eating). It turns out that in the course of my ‘research’, I uncovered many socio-historical gems and began to explore things worth complaining about over the years.  Many simple annoyances in life include how our ministers dress, offensive art pieces and advertisements, national day parades, Ms Universes, angmor and Singlish accents, excessive use of Hokkien, stuff famous people say, Singapore Girl, Phua Chu Kang and people eating sharks’ fin soup.

The subjects seem endless, and with some luck and perseverance,  I may prove to the world that we, the citizens of Singapore, just complain about everything under the sun. And that INCLUDES the sun too.

DISCLAIMER:  All the posts here are referenced to, and inspired by contributors/journalists to major newspaper forums and articles. Shout outs to ST, Today, TNP, omy.sg, asiaone, Yahoo SG, CNA, and not forgetting the complain kings and queens. Without their kiasuness, kiasiness,  general annoyance of every little thing, their zealous consideration for their fellow man, their intentional or unintentional humour, this blog wouldn’t exist.